Sports Laundry Systems Disinfection Towers

Disinfection Towers for Athletic Laundries

Ozone Injection – a key player in Sports Laundry Systems – helps ensure athletes stay healthy by stopping the threat of infection. It works by introducing ozone into the sump of the washers at precisely the right time and water temperature. Ozone is a powerful and safe cleaning agent that disinfects laundry using mostly cool water.


The ozone systems are clinically validated to eradicate 99.999 percent of all superbugs, including MRSA (staph), C.diff, and Aspergillus niger found in soiled laundry. They prevent HIV and all hepatitis strains from surviving the wash process.

Cuts Hot Water Usage

Ozone injection also contributes greatly to overall efficiency and results. Using up to 85 percent less water, when compared with other laundry solutions, Sports Laundry Systems also deliver better wash quality. This is in part due to ozone, which helps break up organic matter during the wash process—getting items cleaner.

Ozone Validation

Sports Laundry Systems also validate that mandatory levels of ozone are achieved and maintained within the wash wheel. This ensures proper disinfection and superior wash results.

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Sports Laundry Systems washers are engineered to properly clean a variety of items quickly, efficiently and consistently every time.
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Drying Tumblers

Sports Laundry System drying tumblers perfectly dry washed and disinfected items – finishing off the cleaning process. Sized to fit your athletic laundry's productivity needs, these dryers come in a variety of capacities – delivering a quick and even dry using a highly advanced control and properly balanced airflow.
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