Sports Laundry Systems Washer-Extractors

High-Performance Washer-Extractors for Athletic Laundries

Super efficient and productive washer-extractors are the central component of Sports Laundry Systems. Available in a variety of capacities to fit specific needs, the washers are engineered to properly clean a variety of items quickly, efficiently and consistently every time. So, no matter who does the laundry, uniforms, warm-ups, personal items and towels are perfectly cleaned and ready for game day!

Control over Cleaning Process

Featuring a highly flexible control, the washer-extractors deliver unrivaled programmability for total control over every phase of the wash process—ensuring everything from socks to towels and jerseys are correctly cleaned every time. Once the programs are set, simply select a program number and press start; it couldn't be simpler. Nearly every variable of the wash cycle is programmable and automated to combine water temperature and levels with the proper mix of cleaning chemicals, extract speeds and rotation action. Automatic chemical injection eliminates human error and the possibility of damage to athletic items. That way, uniforms look consistently bright and clean.

Demanding Performance – Productivity

These high-speed washer-extractors produce extract speeds of up to 381 G-force! Why are higher extract speeds superior? As extract speed increases, so does the amount of water removed from every load. In turn, uniforms, warm-ups and towels dry more quickly. Not only do dryers run less often and fabrics experience less wear – enhancing longevity – athletic facilities save natural gas and electricity. The washer-extractors in this system cut dry time by up to 50 percent—preventing dryer bottlenecks and maximizing laundry production. After all, producing more in less time matters.…

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Disinfection Tower

Ozone Injection – a key player in Sports Laundry Systems – helps ensure athletes stay healthy by stopping the threat of infection. It works by introducing ozone into the sump of the washers at precisely the right time and water temperature. Ozone is a powerful and safe cleaning agent that disinfects laundry using mostly cool water.
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Drying Tumblers

Sports Laundry System drying tumblers perfectly dry washed and disinfected items – finishing off the cleaning process. Sized to fit your athletic laundry's productivity needs, these dryers come in a variety of capacities – delivering a quick and even dry using a highly advanced control and properly balanced airflow.
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