Card- & Coin-Operated Drying Tumblers

Continental Girbau

ExpressWash® Dryers

30- and 45-pound capacity stacks
30-, 55- and 75-pound capacity single pocket
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Boasting energy-efficiency, programmability and unrivaled durability, ExpressDry Dryers perfectly complement ExpressWash Washers. Backed by a limited 3-year ContinentalCare Warranty.

Continental Girbau

E-Series Dryers

25-pound capacity
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E-Series Dryers are single-pocket, 25-pound capacity dryers delivering efficiency, ease of use and a quick dry. They are great small-load solutions for vended laundries, and available in gas or electric models. Backed by a limited 3-year ContinentalCare Warranty.

Continental Girbau

Econ-O-Dry Dryer

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Available in single-load or stacked double-load capacities, Econ-O-Dryers feature an oversized door for easy loading and unloading, and improved tumble action and airflow technology for a quicker dry. Backed by a limited 3-year ContinentalCare Warranty.


Platinum Dryers

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Offering more drying capacity and performance in a smaller footprint, LG Platinum Dryers take on more laundry and deliver improved drying performance, as well as fewer wrinkles and tangles. Simple to use and ergonomic, customers load the dryer, select one of the four fabric options – White and Color (High heat), Perm Press (Medium heat), Delicates & Knits (Low heat) or No Heat – and press start. Stack washer/dryer models available.

American Dryer Corp.

i-Series Dryer

35- to 120-pound capacity single pocket
30 and 40-pound capacity dual-pocket stacks
The ADC i-Series Dryers offer shorter dry times and safe, reliable operation. They are efficient and backed by a 5-year warranty.

American Dryer Corp.

AD-Series Dryer

20- to 115-pound capacity single pocket
20-, 30- and 45-pound capacity dual-pocket stacks
Featuring steel doors with gasketless glass, an easy-to-clean lint drawer, and stainless steel front, cabinets and baskets, AD-Series Dryers are built to perform for years. Backed by a 3-year limited warranty.

American Dryer Corp.

EcoDry Dryer

35-, 50- and 75-pound capacity single pocket
35-pound capacity dual-pocket stack
The EcoDry dryer is American Dryer’s most energy-efficient. It brings optimum dry times and productivity. Backed by a 3-year limited warranty.